Why did Elon Musk's Tesla company succeed?

The mission of the Tesla company is to accelerate the sustainability of  transport vehicles ,by giving more opportunities to consumers use an electric vehicle as soon as possible

Today, the electric vehicle market is growing. This is due to new regulations on  driving safety, release of carbon in the air, rapid development of technology, and factors of change in users ’own interests.

And most of these necessary features available at Tesla Motors who have a  forward -looking business model . Article written by this magazine, on  9 September 2020 states ‘Tesla’s Secret to Success Is Not  Just Because It Sells Cars, But, because it manages to anticipate the future '

History Name tesla

Nikola Tesla, The company was originally known as Tesla Motors and was founded by entrepreneurs from the United States namely Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning in 

It was originally established to create electric racing cars. the company initially sourced  investment from various parties,including Elon Musk. Elon Musk provided funding of more than 30 million USD, for the joint venture and became chairman  of the Tesla company in early 2004.

A few years later, Eberhard and Tarpenning resigned from Tesla Motors, and Elon Musk became CEO of Tesla in 2008which is now known as Tesla Inc.

Tesla released the first electric vehicle model in 2008 namely the ‘Tesla Roadster’. It is capable of driving 394km with just one charge, and this is actually an  impressive achievement for an electric vehicle.

The car's body frame is made of 'carbon fiber', making it lightweight. Electrical power is generated from a lithium ion battery like most used in laptops and can be charged repeatedly.

Then in 2012, Tesla Model S was introduced which is a sedan type car that uses entirely electricity, and managed to become the best- selling electric car model in 2015-2016.

Besides, Tesla’s electric charging station is also the best compared to other competitors. Therefore, it can be said that the features of this Tesla product, is the best in terms of sales,  driving distance , safety, modern design,  and charging.

Even more impressive when the Tesla Model S P100D managed to compete 
with other petrol -based vehicles ,and is said to be able to accelerate from 0 to 97km/h  in under 2 seconds.

System Auto Pilot

‘The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’ states the statistics of the causes of  vehicle accidents on the road occurs due to human error is very high, that is, 94%.

The Tesla company is working to reduce this element of human error in every  drive. Since 2014, an 'autopilot' system has been incorporated into Tesla vehicles, and expects to be able to reach the  fifth level of automatic driving towards the end of 2021.

This means that this Tesla vehicle can function fully on 'autopilot'. without human interaction. Not only change the road, Tesla is also developing solar power systems  for home and building use.

Tesla takes over SolarCity,allowing it to continue its mission of changing human consumption to cleaner energy,and reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the air.

The U.S. Department of Energy agrees that this solar energy is the most,and readily available in the world, which makes the use of solar energy in the US has been increasing since 2008.

Tesla has succeeded in creating solar panels that are seen to have more of a place in the hearts of consumers, and easy to install in homes including with the invention of the 'solar roof'.

In addition to generating very lucrative investment returns for investors, Tesla managed to create huge job opportunities in line with diversified business profits .Tesla has 4 large Gigafactories around the world such as in Nevada, (US), New York (US),  Berlin (Germany), and China.

In 2020, Tesla has over 70,000 employees in total. In conclusion, to own a  vehicle which does not require the driver to refuel directly, and does not need to be controlled for a 600km journey will change the user's view of driving and provide out-of-the-world experiences.

However, much remains to be done. Will oil and petroleum be able to be  replaced with clean energy sources? and can humans guarantee a  better future to future generations? it certainly depends on the efforts of all parties and not from one individual alone.

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