How to cultivate radish for beginners

How to cultivate radish. At this time we have met many people who cultivate radish vegetables. There are several types of radishes, namely white radish, red radish, and purple radish. This radish grows in the ground. Usually the part of the radish that we use is the tuber.

How to cultivate radish

As is the case with other vegetables, radishes also have a lot of high nutritional content, including B vitamins, vitamin C, fat, carbohydrates, and protein.

Seeing this content, of course radish is beneficial for the human body, among other things, it can treat several diseases such as overcoming fever, eliminating phlegm in the throat due to coughing, overcoming kidney disorders, and expelling urine.

Cultivating radishes was not difficult. All that needs to be prepared is suitable land and quality seeds. However, still the planting and maintenance must be done properly and correctly.

Then, how to cultivate radish is good and right?
Watch the ways below!

Preparation of quality radish seeds

Radishes are propagated generatively by seeds. Radish seeds can be found at farm shops. The requirements for quality radish seeds are intact seeds or no defects, have a high germination rate (80%), have a moisture content of 9% - 12%, and do not contain other seeds. The price of white radish seeds on the market is IDR 10,000 per pack containing about 25 radish seeds.

Land preparation

The requirements for how to cultivate radishes are that the land to be used for growing radishes is loose and fertile soil. Before planting, mix the manure onto the surface of the soil and leave it for about 2 weeks. After that, make beds to plant radish seeds.

Turnip cultivation

After the land is ready for use and the desired seeds have been selected, the next step is the planting process. Radish seeds can be planted directly by sprinkling the seeds evenly along the bed. For 1 hectare of land, about 4 kg of radish seeds are usually needed. Radish seeds will start growing after 4 days.

Radish care

After the planting process is complete, the next step is treatment by watering the plants every 2 days. After reaching the planting age of 3 weeks, weeding is carried out to remove weeds. Do it regularly every 2-3 weeks. Then, for further fertilization, it is carried out after 1 month of planting.

Turnip harvesting

How to cultivate radish vegetables is fairly fast. It only takes 2 months for radishes to be ready to be harvested and marketed. Harvesting radishes must be timely so that the tubers are not woody.

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